Design Of Product

Feasibility review from customer’s requirements through below procedures
  • Feasibility New Project and Risk Assessment
  • Machine capacity and process review
  • Quality control work flow
  • Trial preparation for materials, process and product
  • Parts handling for material, WIP and Finished Goods
  • Customer’s communication.
Planning and Permitting

Planning is important for building a sound strategy, mapping out any contingencies. Clients love initial planning stages because we Identify and resolve any aspects of the project that will be difficult to permit.


Xcellent’s engineers make sure that the product is functioning properly as per the design standards approved by the client. The product undergoes several quality tests until it is perfectly ready for product specifications.

Product Renderings

Designers experiment with the look and feel of the product and present design proposals to the client. They also remove any product imperfections before final production, saving the client valuable time and money.

Cost Estimating

Xcellent’s experts estimate the costs with high level of detail after the contents of the product are formally approved. Each step of the workflow is measured and the outcome at each step is taken into account.

Material Specifications

Material specifications are finalized keeping in mind that the material properties are suited with the manufacturing process and the material is consistent with product design specifications and industrial standards.


A full-scale and often functional functional form of the design is created. It helps in various ways – testing according to client’s specifications, finding requirements, resolving issues, and understanding the technical challenges.