Progressive Die And Tooling

Progressive dies ramp up productivity and reduce costs with the use of workstations. Tools are designed to be as precise and efficient as possible. Components are assembled meticulously and design experts make the product visually appealing, reliable, and cost effective.

Die making capability

Single: 45T-400T
Progressive: 45T-600T
Hydraulic press die: 300T-100T
High speed press die: 160T

Die coating technology

Hard chrome

Die Design

Strip layout: 2D & 3D
Punch & Die: 3D
Die structure: 2D
STD part: Mizumi (or assigned)

Die Type

Steel: 45T-600T
Iron casting: 200T-600T

Die making Machinery

Basic machining: In house
CNC: In house & outsource
Wire cut: In house & outsource
Hardening & coating: Outsource
Assembly: In house
Trial run: In house
Laser cut (Blank): In house
Iron casting: Outsource

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